ElectrO Organic OrchestrA

We give voice back to the silent life in a single drop of water

Electro Organic Orchestra

Electro Organic Orchestra is a collective born in Rome at the end of 2018 that combines technology, visual and sound arts.
The three components, inspired by the world of generative music, aim to exploit organic impulses and elements to create sound and visual landscapes.

Davide Carbone - Microscopic Exploration & Software Development
Daniele Giuffrida - Visual Interpretation
Giorgio Sorani - Drones & Sound Design 

Born from the desire of exploiting biological impulses to produce electronic music, the project is based on the observation, enlargement and interpretation of a tiny and silent universe, yet rich in voices, atmospheres and landscapes.

The dimension of the imperceptible and the digital world come together in a journey into a microcosm of sound re-imagined in real time, exploring the life contained in a drop of water through the lens of a microscope and using presence and movement of microorganisms as a generator of sound and images.

The viewer is absorbed in a sound and visual experience in which curiosity and wonder in exploring a microscopic world, merge with the imaginative and dreamlike dimension in interpreting its infinite atmospheres and dynamics.


Davide Carbone (Roma - 1986)

Graduated in electronic engineering, he began working as developer for digital applications. Over the years, he specialized in augmented reality, computer vision and artificial intelligence to take on the role of responsible for the analysis and research of innovative and technologically advanced solutions for international companies. 
Since 2018 he made use of his knowledge by applying it to the field of artistic performances.

Giorgio Sorani, ( Roma - 1988 )

He soon approaches music through the study of piano and music theory. He has pursued his passion for sound by working as an audio technician in various fields since 2011, in particular in the post-production of cinema and radio. His interest in electronic music and experimentation pushed him towards the development of innovative musical projects based on the fusion of technology, sound and visual elements, aimed at creating artistic performances with an evocative and avant-garde character.

Daniele Giuffrida (Trento - 1995)

In 2015 he joined the field of research and innovation as a software developer. Meanwhile, he cultivates a passion for digital visual arts. Since 2018 he promotes the Algorave movement in Italy, which sees the code as a creative tool for performances and audiovisual jam sessions. 
In his productive journey, he starts from pre-existing material to manipulate it in real-time, aiming at the synesthetic association of images with sound.


Spontz Fest 2022

27 August 2022


Klang, Rome

Sept 2020

Blooming Festival - Call 4 Artist Winner

Sep 2020

TACT Festival 2020 | Science Edition - Call 4 Artist Winners

4 Sept 2019

Klang, Rome

Sept 2019

 LPM Live Performers Meeting, Rome - XX edition

May 2019

Covoclub, Rome

Apr 2019

Exhibition and concert bookings:

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